Samsung HD Ready Televisions
Samsung HD Ready LCD and Plasma Televisions.
Samsung HD Ready Televisions
LCD and Plamsa HD Ready Televisions by Samsung

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If you are looking to buy a new Samsung TV then look no further we have all the best offers and deals from the UK.

Samsung HD ready televisions offer outstanding performance with great design. Samsung now offers 1080p HD Ready - the highest definition you can get. This is an LCD TV that takes you to new heights in picture quality. These HDTV images have riveting impact - showing you lifelike detail, clarity, and colour like you've never seen before.

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Direct TVs have hundreds of cheap offers on lcd and plasma televisions and accessories. Buy your TV from Direct TVs today and have it delivered to your door. Winning numerous awards across their range of TVs Samsung are renowned for their high quality screens and attention to detail.

They are a firm favourite amongst the gaming communities with most Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners opting for a Samsung Screen to display their high definition games.

Samsung TVs feature DNIe the "Digital Natural Image engine". This takes any input signal such as High Definition, DVD or your standard TV signal and converts it to an optimal output signal for your TV. That means you get the highest possibly quality picture on your screen at all times.

Samsung HD Ready Televisions

LCD - Superb picture quality and amazing sound, with a unique design to complement your home.

Plasma - Stunning big picture quality and captivating sound to create cinema quality viewing in your own home.

Samsung F96 Series - Available in 52" & 70" Smart Lighting Technology 1080p 3 HDMI
Samsung F86 Series - Available in 40" & 46" 100Hz Motion Plus 1080p 3 HDMI
sung M87 Series - 100Hz - Available in 32" HD Ready 100 Hz 3 HDMI
Samsung M87 Series - Available in 37", 40", 46" and 52" 1080p High Definition Super Clear Panel
Samsung N87 Series - Available in 40" and 46" 1080p High Definition Movie Plus 3 HDMI
Samsung R87 Series - Available in 23", 26", 32", 37" and 40" HD Ready Movie Plus 3 HDMI
Samsung R86 Series (White) - Available in 19", 23", 32" and 40" HD Ready Movie Plus 3 HDMI
Samsung S86 Series - Available in 22", 26", 32", 37", 40" and 46" HD Ready 2 HDMI Game Mode
Samsung LE19R86BDX - Available in 19" HD Ready HDMI iDTV

HDTV allows you to experience television like never before with the widest range of colours and the clearest images. High Definition contains four or five times as many pixels making the image much clearer than standard definition.